Friday, February 10, 2017

My Favorite Television Show


King of the Hill

I don't watch a lot of television, but when I do I enjoy watching "King of the Hill". It follows the story of a man by the name of Hank Hill and his family, Peggy his wife and Bobby his son. Hank is a middle aged man in his late 30's that believes strongly in work ethic and is quite a patriot. They live in a town by the name of Arlen located in Central Texas. Their neighbors include a lot of interesting individuals, such as Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer, Hank's best friends. Hank is the glue of the group and can be uptight to stop the others from doing idiotic stuff. Boomhauer talks with an strong early American accent and is known as the ladies man of the group. Dale is a conspiracy theorist and can be considered crazy at some moments, thinking the governments out to get him. Bill is the sad story of the group, an ex-tank operator for the military, since his wife left him he's been going down hill, but still is able to find some happiness with his friends.

Hank's son Bobby is quite different then him, having little work ethic and being very lazy. Beside this Bobby is quite a hilarious member of the show and actually wants to be a Comedian when he's older. His best friend, Joesph, is Dale's son and is almost the opposite of Bobby, being really athletic. Peggy, Hank's wife, is a substitute teacher at Bobby's school and is quite intelligent yet has a big ego. Only Hank and Dale have wives and children in the group of friends. I'll put below what they all look like.
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Hank Hill
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Peggy & Bobby Hill

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Dale Gribble, Boomhauer, Bill Dauterive